BSP and GSP Encampment 2012

In response to this year’s theme: Be prepared: Leadership for Life, Doongan Ilaya National High School held its Boy Scout and Girl Scouts of the Philippines Encampment 2012 on October 18 to 20, 2012. Activities such as poster making, slogan making and scrap art making which are centered on the theme mentioned were held. Ms. Rowena Ricafrente, a student of Third Year – A won the crown for the Search for Ms. GSP 2012 from Patrol Sunflower while Richard Balbaira also from Third Year – A was chosen as Mr. BSP 2012 from Patrol Jose Rizal. The contest for the search for Mr. & Ms. BSP has the following categories: production number, creative attire (costume made of indigenous materials), talent (reciting the Scout Promise, Scout Oath, and Scout Law in English) and the question and answer portion. Questions asked during the search were: 1) If you were faced with the situation where you need to choose between whom to save life, your friend or your husband, who will you saved first? 2) As a student, how can you apply the theme, Be prepared: Leadership for Life? 3) As a scout, how can you be sister to other scout? and 4) How will you apply the knowledge that you have learned in this encampment? During the camping, power interruptions occurred, so the leaders introduced the first part of the campfire ceremony. Patrol Camia were in-charge of the program led by Ms. Renajoy Recafrente. Scouts made their yell presentation and show their talents in role playing the scout law.

The next day, scouting skills were taught per station such as: Station 1 – Identifying the survival kit (Renajoy Recafrente (CAT Officer), Station 2- Flag Reading (Mrs. Jacquilyn Zoleta), Station 3- Hand Signal (Mrs. Eden R. Ruidera), Station 4- Knot Tying (Ms. Emma D. Bentonio), Station 5 – First Aid (Mr. Eddiezer B. de Borja, and Station 6 –  Memorization of Scout Oath, Scout Law and Scout Promise by group (Irene Painsan – SSG President). These skills enhancement activities were done by patrol who competed with the first, second and third place. At 7:30 in the evening, campers gathered at the camp site. The first part of the program was the investiture ceremony where new scouts were welcomed, and the induction of officers of scouting with Ms. Emma D. Bentonio as the emcee. Candles were lighted and the scout songs were sung.

The second part of the ceremony was the campfire ceremony facilitated by Mr. Eddiezer B. de Borja. It was indeed a very inspiring, reflective, and fun activity. The campers lighted the fire to lighten the camp site. Mrs. Maribel S. Salazar, DINHS Principal gave her very inspiring, reflective, warm-hearted message and words of encouragement to the campers. She also acknowledged the participation of BOD-PTA President and Scouting Unit leaders, Mr. Jose Latoja, Mr. Eriberto Quinto and Mr. Salvador Estorninos (school caretaker). The members of the barangay police and Philippine Army in the area guard the safety of the campers. Mr. de Borja presented a video about ‘Jesus Chris’s Cross” where some of the students Concepcion Versosa – BSP/GSP Commander, Ronajean Gillego (Top ten of the IV-A and also won Ms. Talent (GSP 2012) and Renajoy Ricafrente shared their personal reflections on the video. The campers by patrol also showcased their talent in singing folk songs, spiritual songs, action songs, novelty songs, round songs, split songs, and ceremonial songs.

On the third day, it was the highlights of the activities, nature trail were facilitated by the SSG and CAT officers who exerted their effort in setting the task to be done by scouters. The four advisers were in-charge of the two patrols who serve as guide during the hiking. Awards and prizes were given to the patrol teams who won the different tasks. The campers enjoyed the activities done during the encampment and they told us that next year they will participate again.

Truly, most of the students were very good in different areas and they showed their expertise in different fields such as giving command, public speaking, leadership, painting, skills nurturing, and nature trailing.


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